Are you giving your patients The MIGS Choice?

What is the MIGS Choice? It’s a term coined by Dr. Constance Okeke to mean the interest patients have in MIGS options to treat their glaucoma and potentially reduce their dependence on anti-glaucoma drops.

Many doctors may feel that patients who are controlled on glaucoma eye medications are not in need of a change in their regimen when undergoing cataract surgery. The patients may even say that they are doing fine. However, patients may not know that they have other options and if offered those options, may consider otherwise.

In order to investigate this idea, we did an in-house survey and asked nearly 70 glaucoma patients who were taking at least one or more medications for their glaucoma how they felt about their drop usage. Though 91% were either minimally inconvenienced or not convenience at all, 82% were interested in learning more about procedures that could reduce or eliminated their use of drops.

In another in-house survey, we asked nearly 30 glaucoma patients being evaluated for cataracts  how they felt about using drops. Thought 79% did not mind taking drops, 86% were interested in receiving a combined procedure that could help improve vision and help to reduce or eliminate drops.

The results from these surveys show that patients are really interested in having more options that could reduce their need or usage of glaucoma medications. That means we need to become their advocates and offer these options to them. Just as we embraced the options for advanced technology lenses and femtosecond laser cataract surgery to offer less dependence on glasses, we need to take a similar approach to our glaucoma patients. Are you ready to give your patients the option of The MIGS Choice?

Read more about giving your patients The MIGS Choice in this CRSToday article by Dr. Okeke, entitled, “Let Them Choose MIGS“.

What MIGS are available?