What is MIGS?

MIGS stands for micro-incision glaucoma surgery, and also known as minimally invasive glaucoma surgery. It describes an innovative area of surgical treatment for glaucoma that has grown exponentially over the last decade.


Traditional glaucoma surgeries, trabeculectomy and tube-shunts are major eye surgeries. They can be very effective in lowering eye pressure and preventing progression of glaucoma, but they have a long list of potential complications.

As a solution to this problem, the evolution of the MIGS era came to the forefront. MIGS provides a less invasive surgical approach compared to traditional glaucoma therapies, fulfilling the goal of lowering eye pressure to prevent or reduce damage to the optic nerve, while also often offering an option of less glaucoma drops.

MIGS also offers the advantage of being easily combined with cataract surgery, such that glaucoma patients with co-morbid cataracts can have the benefit of treating both conditions at the same time.

Are you giving your patients The MIGS Choice?