The Building Blocks of Trabectome Surgery
Volume 1: Patient Selection

Written by: Dr. Constance Okeke

ISBN:  978-90-6299-253-9
Published by Kugler Publications
Publication details: Book. 2017. xxx and 298 pages. many full color figures and photos. A5. Softbound.

Have you contemplated implementing a new MIGS surgical procedure but were hesitant to get started? Have you tried the Trabectome surgery and had difficulty getting the results you wanted? This book can help get you closer to your goals. This book focuses on Trabectome success through step-by-step coaching tips on patient selection. Technical skill in surgery is very important, but patient selection is also extremely important, especially when just starting, to ease in the transition of learning the new skill and obtaining great outcomes.

This publication is part of the The Building Blocks of Trabectome Surgery series.

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