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Another approach of combatting the area of highest resistance is by bypassing it. By placing a stable conduit, or stent, which provides a patent avenue to allow fluid of flow past the TM, improvement in aqueous outflow can be achieved. This is the mechanism of the trabecular micro-bypass, or iStent (Glaukos).


The iStent is a 1-mm titanium implant, which resembles a snorkel, and is the smallest FDA-approved device to be put into the human body. Released in 2012, the iStent gained approval only in conjunction with cataract surgery, making it a great option for patients ready to have cataract surgery who also have early to moderate open-angle glaucoma.

Watch a video of iStent surgery

Read more about the iStent procedure in an article in Glaucoma Today, by Dr. Okeke, entitled, “Surgical Pearls and Pitfalls with a Trabecular Microbypass Stent“.